Starting 2022 - Kathy L. Williams Tail Extensions is now Head to Tail Boutique!

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(Formerly Kathy L. Williams Tail Extensions)

Head to Tail Boutique wins Gold & Silver awards!

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2022 = a new name

Kelley Mundrick & Kyle Martin with Good Time Blazer and 2020 foal, “Makin Stellar Times”

Kathy L. Williams Tail Extensions Sells to Kelley (Mundrick) Martin of GA

-Custom Tails Offered-

Sometimes your horse just needs something special all to their own - we can help out! Want more hair, more weight, certain colors? Reach out with some images of your tail and we'll go from there! We can also do slide tops or braider top tails.

Repair and Reconstruction Offered

Industry Leading Designer Pieces Offered

Aubrey Galbraith & Hey Good Lookin

Jody Brewer & Undoubtedly

Cheyenne Augsburger & One Hot Katwoman

Kelley Mundrick & ShakeYourMoonieMaker

Kari Ellingson & Gone Viral

Lori Augsburger & One Hot Kat

Brian Brady & Lazy Looker

Kristin Smith & Pistol Packing Annie

Customer Testimonials

"Love my tail from Kathy Williams. Great quality, looks natural standing and, in motion."

Elaine Steele

"We’ve recently bought two tails from Kathy and they were both a perfect match! Always nice to deal with and wonderful products!"

Marlee White

"Very helpful, and fast. Sent a picture of my horses tail and she did a perfect match!!"

Maylee Cyr

Ty Paris & If It Aint Dixie

Lynne Lammers & Stallone

Kendal LaVelle & Dont Doubt Im Cool

Lori Augsburger & Unanimously Too Cool

Megan Mathieu & Open For Secrets

Scott Weiss & Elicious

Erin Bradshaw Weiss & John Simon

Alyssa Lessard & MadeByTheFirstCowboy

Customer Testimonials

"I have purchased many tails and shirts from Kathy and she always has the best service and best products. We wouldn't buy anywhere else."

Kelly Sparks

"Kathy has made several tails for me—most of which are a custom blend. She always matches the color perfectly based on a photo or my verbal description. She fixed several tail ‘mishaps’ too. She’s the best!"

Pamela Hunter

"The button downs are beautiful in style and quality. The service was incredibly kind and helpful!"

Paige Marie

Jessica Jones & Too Dreamy To Sleep

Leah Ruth & Extremely Hot Rodder

Charlotte Kasper & KM Best Man

Abby Kasper & Hunt In My Saddle

Teresa DeCenzo & KirbysSophistication

Andrew Augsburger & Flashin Code Red

Mallory Faylor & A Gallant Knight

Kelsey Smith & Good To Know A Chip

Mallory Wachob & Eyell Be The Rock

Whitney Lagace & Dont Skip Martini

Kylee Wiseman & KM You Make It Easy

Kelley Martin (Owner) & Hot Mess N A Dress