FAQs & Policies


What is the purpose of having a weighted tail extension?

For many years, evasive methods were sought after to achieve the look of the "laid down tail." Tails swooshing, carried high and moving a lot can be distracting to the judges while competing in the stock horse world and hence the weighted tail idea was born. The weights are a non abusive way to help achieve the look that you want to achieve during performance. Not every horse needs weight and the way our tail system is set up, you can remove your weights and adjust the amount you want for that tail extension as needed.

How do I know what length I should get for my horse's tail extension?

You can easily determine the length of the tail that your horse needs by measuring from where you tie in the tail extension (usually 1-2" above the end of the tail bone) down to the fetlocks. The standard length is 36" for our tail extensions. It is recommended to go to a 40" tail if you have a 17hh and above but always recommended to measure as horse's tail bone lengths differ. There is an extra $25 fee per tail for a 40" but there is a price break for all double tails. We do not currently offer 40" extensions in non common colors but can be special ordered. Yearling tails are also offered upon special request.

What do I do if I have a hard to match tail?

While it is usually preferred to match a tail at a horse show, we realize that that is not always possible. Due to this reason, we are more than happy to work with you to get the perfect tail match for your horse! The best way to match is to provide multiple pictures of your horse's tail. You can email, Facebook message or text message us the images/videos.

Do you take trade-in tail extensions?

We will look at trade-ins of Non Common Color tails on a per basis approach.

Do you refund/exchange for tail/forelock extensions purchased online? (Please read prior to ordering!)

As long as you submit pictures to us for matching purposes via text, messenger, email. etc, we are happy to exchange/return tail extensions (at buyer's S/H expense) for both Non Common and Common Colored tails and forelock extensions if contacted within 14 days after receiving the tail/forelock extension. The refund will be minus any shipping expenses.

If you DO NOT submit any pictures to us for matching, than any returns/exchanges are null and void for Non Common Color Tail extensions and only exchanges are allowed for Common Color Tail and forelock extensions if notified within the 14 day period (at buyer's S/H expense).

We are happy to work with you but due to return processing fees and our very busy schedule, we push to have pictures sent prior to ordering because it makes it easier on each party. Please also refer to our Refund policy under Other Info on the footer of the site. 

Can I add more weight or hair after I purchase my tail extension if I need to?

Absolutely! If you have a "single" tail, we can add another "single" tail to make a "double" tail as long as the tails are a Head to Tail Boutique/Kathy. L Williams Tail Extension. Sometimes we can add to other brands as well. We can also custom add hair to any of our tails (even a different color than what the main tail is). Please reach out to discuss what you are looking for in your custom tail and we will be able to quote you per your request.

Can you fix a tail if it is broken or stepped on?

Most tails we can fix as long as they are one of our extensions. There is a flat rate of $35 to fix a tail that includes return shipping. If the tail is not one of our extensions, the charge is $55 - $85 pending the damage + shipping.

Do you take consignment show clothing? 

We do take consignment clothing! We have a strict policy where all items must be in good condition. If any work needs to be done such as addition of Swarovski crystals, light cleaning, de-odorizing, that will be at the expense of the consignee and discussed prior to consigning. If you would not wear the item, then you can't expect someone else to purchase. You will need to submit images of the clothing and we will let you know if we can accept the piece(s) or not. If accepted, we will have you complete our consigning contract and if your item is sold, you can expect payment within 2-3 weeks as we have to ship the item and make sure that the purchase goes through.

What we DO NOT accept:

  • Chaps, Boots and Hats (Special consideration for an uncommon color set)
  • Pants (Only with matching Showmanship Jackets)
  • "Outdated" show clothing
  • Some tack (We will consider high-end saddles, halters and show pads)
  • English Clothing (Special consideration given for name brand hunt coats)

With free marketing on the online store, attendance at horse shows across the country, social media posts, credit card processing fees, shipping and more, we do have to charge a higher commission than some (25%). This is also due to the time it takes to market your pieces and set up the listing on different medias. Within each listing, we include pictures and measurements as well as a description on the item. Sometimes a piece will sell rather quickly and other times, the pieces might take months. There will be communication as needed to discuss the item (i.e. reducing price, etc) if the item does not sell within a reasonable amount of time. Buyer is responsible for shipping the item back if the piece(s) does not sell.

For new designer pieces and consignment clothing, how does that process work when purchasing? (Please read prior to ordering!)

ONLINE: We know that these are larger purchases and respect that. We try our best to make sure that everything is noted up front about the pieces and provide the most accurate measurements and details. We do require payment in full upon purchasing. The item will ship within 2-3 business days via UPS or USPS - unless selected otherwise. Upon receiving the item, there will be a 3 day grace period that you can return the item if you want to. If an item is returned, there will be a 5% non-refundable fee on the total item value for fees incurred from our processing companies as well as the shipping fee taken out. The purchaser is required to pay the return shipping + insurance of the piece. A label can be provided to you and the cost of the label will come out of the refund amount. 

For example:

If a $2000 item is purchased and returned with a $25 shipping fee paid by HTTB, a $100 fee is incurred (5%) for a total of a $100 taken out of the refund unless you'd like to put towards a store credit minus the shipping fees.

AT HORSE SHOW: No returns/exchanges are allowed. 

This measurement chart provided by Kevin Garcia Originals is how we measure our garments for your reference:

Please also refer to our Refund policy under Other Info on the footer of the site.