Tail Extension Care

Tail Extension Care 
  • Your tail extension is 100% horse hair to comply with breed association rules. When you receive it, it has been washed and conditioned and ready to be used!
  • If weighted, it is recommended to remove the weights if storing for long periods of time - especially in the hot months. A tail sock and bag are also recommended when storing for the hair's protection.
  • If you have purchased a "Double" tail extension, it is imperative that you dry the under tail after washing because of the thickness. If the under tail is not dry, the hair (especially the whiter/flaxen hair) can become fragile and break/shed due to mildew and humidity from moisture, especially if stored inside a hot trailer.
  • It is best not to wash the top 1/2 portion of the tail extension to keep moisture from getting trapped near the epoxy and weakening the glue and thus creating hair loss.
  • It is quite possible that your tail extension will shed at first, this is completely normal and due to the individual length of the hair during the building process.
  • If you purchased a dyed black tail extension, you might see some dye at first when washing which will subside and is completely normal.
  • It is recommended to use Dawn dish detergent as needed to remove grease, sweat and other chemicals within the hair, especially in the hot months. We also use Suave and similar shampoo and conditioner for regular washing.